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13 Dicembre 2021


Alberto Pizzo e Roberto Pugliese

The project celebrates first of all a friendship that dates back to the period of study at the Conservatory before each of the two began their own independent path of artistic development. In recent years Alberto was first in the USA where he had the opportunity to expand and perfect his musical knowledge, especially in jazz and Roberto has continued his research in the artistic field by creating installations and sound sculptures and studying electronic music, gaining attention special towards the sound timbre. Their meeting was born from the desire to combine the sounds of the piano with the electronic ones; two apparently distant worlds that, through close dialogue, find a balance without necessarily giving up melody and harmony. Rhythm is another important feature of the project that manifests itself both in electronic form and through the use of percussion (Roberto being also a percussionist). The resulting atmosphere varies from “electro-melodies” reminiscent of archaic themes through a minimal approach or sometimes smiling at jazz ending in an experimental approach that has a predominantly tonal result. An unprecedented, fluid and varied dialogue that opens up new stylistic connections in the musical field.

Category: 2021